The Devil Is the Reason for My Broken Heart


Although I will take the blame, I want to make it clear that the devil plays a huge part in our broken hearts.

I’m going to start by saying that we have free will, yes, that’s a fact. My actions and words have caused me pain. I could have chosen not to do what I did, and say what I said. But, the devil is the one who puts evil thoughts in my head. Telling me that I am not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, worthy enough.

I could be this confident, strong woman, but it seems that every time I feel like I am sturdy, I get kicked with these thoughts that no matter what I do, that I will never be what is wanted.

I’ve lost friends and loves over the fact that sometimes, I don’t feel like I deserve them. Why do I, deserve to be loved? I am constantly told that I am just ugly. Stupid. Unwanted. These thoughts poison our minds, and they don’t just come from thin air. They are leaked into our minds by the person who wants us to fail; the devil. My heart isn’t broken from being rejected from other people. It is broken because I have been rejecting myself.

When you don’t feel good enough, you end up cutting people out of your life. I know this, and it is the reason why my heart is shattered.

What we need to know is that every time you feel like the thoughts running around your head are tearing you down, all we need to do is let God absorb these negative vices and let him fill our mind with love. Hope. Dreams.

I am working towards fixing my heart. I know I can’t do this alone. I need to let God in, and he will pick it up piece by piece, and restore my heart. Of course, you may have memories that leave scars. But once you let Him in, you will have all you need.

He constantly reminds us that we are beautiful. We are good enough. We are wanted. We are worthy.




imageLately I’ve been thinking a lot about being encased. You know when you go to the mall and you walk past a mannequin who has a super adorable outfit on. Well nine times out of ten there is glass between you and the mannequin. It is something that we desire. The outfit doesn’t desire us. Honestly, it cares less what you think. Unless we can invest and believe that we would truly be better off with that outfit we never receive it, it stays behind the glass. Or here, picture a puppy. A super cute puppy. Got it? Good. Okay, so, that puppy is now in a glass case (don’t worry he can breathe.) This puppy you see is not just in any case, he’s in a double sided mirror case. You can see him in all his puppy glory, but, he has no idea you are there. No matter how many times you tap the glass, or make a funny face, or squeak a toy, that puppy will never notice you.

I think a lot of times people put up this case around themselves. Something to either protect themselves, or something to distract them. And sometimes the case is something that they are so wrapped up in, that they become distracted and oblivious to the outside world.

Let’s say for the sake of this, that there is a man in a case. He can imagine or dream of anything he wants in that case, but is so wrapped up in something that he blocks everything else out. There is this women, who can see him in the case. She tries to talk to him, but he can’t hear her. She brings him gifts, and he can’t see them. She is truly in awe of the man in the case. But he doesn’t know she exists. She wishes she could shatter this case that he is in, but she would risk hurting him in the process. So she is forced to live outside his world.

So she waits for the day that he will one day break free from his case.